Extreme FX

any waiting, so you’ll want to go at it like sex-starved maniacs within only minutes! Then you need To spray some New eXTreme FX aphrodisiac spray in your mouth and let it rip!

is the First and ONLY fast-acting SEX SPRAY for BOTH men and women to sexually charge a penis and clitoris at the same time, in the different ways you need a sexual boost! it will make you hot, horny and desperate for some dirty sex in just minutes!

is a fast-acting oral spray that boosts sexual feeling for everyone who uses it! Wait until you experience the raw, erotic sexual surge it gives you and your partner! How? you simply spray it 6 times under your tongue, and within only minutes it begins to make you need sex, bad!

it’s able to work lightning fast because the concentrated aphrodisiac ingredients are absorbed directly into your blood stream through the soft tissue under your tongue, and then shot straight down to your penis or clitoris.

once these powerful sex-boost
ing ingredients hit your groin, it’s go time! your penis will stand straight up and be pumped up with raw sexual strength and energy. Women, you’ll start dripping and need to get something inside you before you burst!

is by far the fastest way known to science to get these sexually charged aphrodisiacs into your blood, and quickly into your sex organs, so the erotic, kinky sex-fest can begin without delay!

it’s the fastest and most “accurate” way to get “wet, hard and horny”… in only minutes!

According to sex experts, any pill or supplement used for the same purpose takes up to 30 minutes to dissolve in your stomach and make you hard. And even then, studies show that only 5% to 10% of those ingredients are even absorbed!

if you take anything to juice up your sex life, you are only getting a small fraction of the intended ingredients. Which means your sexual pleasure and energy is barely given a jolt. And these pills can take hours to kick in as they travel through your whole body. on the flipside…

ith EXTREME Fx, absorption is a whopping 94%! And it gives you a rock-hard penis in only a few minutes! Plus, it works just as well to make women horny as a cat in heat in the same short time!

Just before you beg
in a round of “doctor” whether it be morning, noon or night, you both sprays 6 quick sprays of EXTREME Fx under your tongue. each bottle contains 120 sprays, enough for 20 or so explosive, orgasmic, thrilling and erotic sexual escapades!

Just spray, and go at
it! There’s no wait time. once your foreplay starts, EXTREME Fx will pump you up… literally. Like an orgasmic shot to the privates. Both of you will really feel it, long, hard and dripping! Like a dam ready to burst, you’ll both want to come fast!

But the best part
is, when you’re done. there’s no need to wait to recharge! Spray some more and come again and again! And EXTREME Fx will give you this same sexual power until you’re 100 years old! special “adaptogens” give you both the sexual power you need!

EXTREME Fx conta
ins a natural concentrated blend of 24 powerful aphrodisiacs, including special adaptogens that work differently for men and women to increase sexual feeling.

For example…
it helps women get excited and wet with her vagina gushing like a river. it helps men get rock hard fast, and stay hard and pulsing for sex and release. And that’s just for starters! it adapts to your individual sex needs and pleasure!

Extreme FX caters to the differenct sexual needs of men and women. Here’s what you can both look forward to:

* 4
increased blood circulation to the penis 4 increased sexual desire 4 increased sexual pleasure 4 increased stamina
* 4 Harder and longer last
ing erections 4 Better overall sexual health
* 4
increased libido 4 increased excitement
* dur
ing foreplay 4 increased lubrication
* 4
intensified sexual sensation
* 4 Faster arousal t
ime, and time to climax
* 4 Stronger, longer, more frequent orgasms

Far too many people Don’T realize how powerful these natural “sex” ingredients are! especially the extra-powerful adaptogens. People around the world have been using these natural ingredients for centuries to boost their sex life! once these potent ingredients start coursing though your blood, you will feel a “below-the-waist” surge of sexual excitement! And it will be different for both of you, so you get the tingling, throbbing, wet and hard sex boost you need to suit you both.

There are NO s
ide effects. Only sexual benefits! so spray away! you can use as much as you want, again and again, as often as you need. EXTREME Fx is non-addictive, but the sex you have may become so!
There’s noth
ing else like it!

men: don’t be surprised if your penis seems bigger!

women: don’t be surprised if you feel wetter and hornier!

EXTREME Fx was only des
igned to do one thing… Make you both horny as hell!

Men: your pen
is will feel longer, harder and pulsing with erotic excitement. you may have to get one off before sex just to calm it down, and then again during sex! your penis will feel amazingly, erotically sensitive.

Women: you’ll start dr
ipping with anticipation before he even touches you! you’ll feel a double dose of raw sexual desire and will ache for him to put his full, throbbing mammoth size penis inside of you. And your orgasms will be explosive. Waves of pleasure will rock your whole body!

One dose of EXTREME Fx and you’ll be ready to lay some major wood! And when you’re done, you’ll want to do
it ALL over again, up to 6 times in a single night! Guaranteed… you WiLL experience out-of- this-world sexual wonder with EXTREME Fx. There’s no risk at ALL!


She told me that she was strongly attracted to me, then she grabbed me by my ears and shoved my face into her breasts. Then she gave me this long hard kiss. I’m an average looking guy and she is a goddess. Thank You

Jim S., Ohio
My girlfriend actually suggested we try this new product. To be honest, I was a bit worried about it, wondering if the vibration on the shaft of my penis would be uncomfortable. To my surprise not only was it tremendously comfortable, it actually made sex, even for me, much more pleasurable. Not to mention that my girlfriend went through the roof when the vibrations from the Vibrating Ring touched her.