Sex Releaser Spray


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Pheromones are a natural chemical scent we all give off. It’s that lusty, erotic sexual scent that drives you on and on in the heat of passion!

It’s the reason animals in the wild mate like crazy even though they have no interaction. They are driven and consumed by untamed, anomalistic instinct and urge to have sex with unknown partners due to natural pheromones. The females are literally driven to the males when they need to mate! They can’t help themselves!

And they are no different than us humans! Except pheromones, like those contained in NEW SEX RELEASER are completely odorless. You can’t see, smell or taste it. But when women get near a man wearing Sex Releaser with natural pheromones, the overwhelming sexual affect puts them in heat and they don’t even know why!

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Quit being the guy left alone at the bar because all your buddies left with hotties!

Although pheromones cannot be seen, heard, smelled or touched, they significantly affect a woman’s biological processes, which in turn, stimulates their urgent and uninhibited sex drives. They’re often called “secret seducers.” And the bottom line is, Sex Releaser customers, Average Joes, are getting more attention and having more sex!

The main compound of amazing Sex Releaser is so erotically potent that scientists like Dr.Winnifred Cutler, PhD of the Athena Institute (and author of over 35 published scientific papers and six books on sexual health) did her own research on this amazing sex phenomenon.

Dr. Cutler proved that women are highly aroused and attracted to men who released Androstenone, something many men naturally don’t have enough of. Research proved that regardless of a man’s looks,74% of men who had high amounts of Androstenone in their system (there’s a boatload of it in SEX RELEASER) experienced 99.7% more attention from women in the form of hugging, kissing and SEXUAL INTERCOURSE!

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She told me that she was strongly attracted to me, then she grabbed me by my ears and shoved my face into her breasts. Then she gave me this long hard kiss. I’m an average looking guy and she is a goddess. Thank You

Jim S., Ohio
I want to thank you. Sex Releaser does work. I was skeptical at first. Then I went to a friend’s house just to see if she was home. I could not believe the effectiveness of this product, within one hour we were in her bedroom having the time of our lives. After we were done, I told her about Sex Releaser. It Works!

Robert H., New York